With a vast array of fully customizable Warframes -- each with their own chất lượng abilities lượt thích Invisibility, Teleport or Mind Control -- the nguồn is yours to lớn create the perfect assassin, tank, tư vấn or stealth Warframe.

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Behold the patron saint of the Orokin school of political assassination. Ash specializes in stealth. The edge of his blade is sooner felt than seen.



Enemies tremble before the brawler with fists as hard as stone. Atlas đơn hàng high damage. Command terrestrial elements that form the foundation of any battlefield.



Banshee’s call heralds death. She maintains crowd control & identifies enemy weak points with sonic attacks. Few can hold their position when struck by her force.


Beware the fury of the truly patient. Baruuk boasts survivability and crowd control. Pushed beyond his restraint, he unleashes the storm within.


The heir of twin kingdoms ascends. Biological and Sentient life meet in Caliban. An adept monarch, he offers crowd control & survivability. His creator had more than one world in mind.


Unleash the draconic. Chroma employs Heat, Electricity, Toxin, & Cold to giảm giá high damage while maintaining survivability. Soar with winged fury.


Gaze upon the Crystal Bastion. Citrine's crystalline might supports allies on the battlefield. Combat only enhances her fractal beauty.


Harness the power of fire. Ember’s heat deals high damage. She keeps a cool head when the battle is hot.


Equinox rises from the edge of day & night. Her Day form offers offensive tư vấn while her Night khung offers defensive support. She thrives between realms.


Excalibur epitomizes the warrior spirit. His master swordsmanship deals high damage. He is the embodiment of martial excellence.


When Frost steps onto the battlefield, enemies experience a chill. Frost’s attacks control crowds, protect objectives, và increase survivability. Wield the biting cold.


Enemies are made fragile by Gara’s deadly touch. Gara’s vitric abilities provide her và her allies with survivability and giảm giá high damage. Shatter the foe.


Death’s crimson maiden sharpens her talons. Garuda weaponizes the blood of her foes to khuyến mãi high damage. Sanguine beauty complements her deadly power.


Take charge with the Saint of Altra. Gauss is fast, deals high damage, and has strong survivability. Movement charges his powerful battery, so never stop moving.


Grendel sees every battlefield as a smorgasbord. His insatiable appetite rewards him with high survivability. Enemies will be eaten. Và regurgitated.


Annihilate enemies with the conductivity of coils and transmitters. Gyre’s electric attacks provide crowd control. She is the embodiment of elegant theory.


Achieve redemption through vengeance. The monastic Harrow increases damage to tư vấn allies. Defy enemies and ascend.


Strength is Hildryn’s virtue. Her quality high-damage abilities are powered by her Shields, which can be recharged with Energy. Hildryn proves that a strong offense is a good defense.


Hydroid summons the power nguồn of the ocean depths. He provides crowd control with aqueous attacks. His enemies will meet a watery demise.


Inaros commands the fearsome desert. He survives like the ever-shifting sands that empower him. Legend recalls Inaros as the Fear-Eater.


The huntress draws her bow. Ivara is stealth itself. Her enemies live in fear of her sudden attacks.


Khora is red in whip & claw. She works together with her Kavat companion, Venari, to khuyễn mãi giảm giá high damage và provide crowd control. Two bodies, one will.


Kullervo answers for his sins and the sins of others. His daggers và melee prowess khuyễn mãi giảm giá high damage. Seize the power of treachery to lớn slake his thirst for revenge.


The serpents of Lavos encourage him as he transmutes the battlefield. He uses Toxin, Cold, Electricity, và Heat to giảm giá khuyến mãi elemental damage. Harness the power of the dark alchemist.


Master the rift between shadow & substance. Limbo disrupts time-space khổng lồ provide crowd control. He is at home where others struggle with what is real.


Loki knows the art of deception. The trickster employs stealth to sabotage enemies. Sow confusion.


Take down your enemies with magnetic force. Mag alters magnetic fields to provide crowd control & strip enemy defenses. Few can resist her attraction or her repulsion.


The gunslinger has a steady deadly hand. Each shot deals high damage. Mesa is the fastest draw in the realm.


Mirage’s sleight of hand complements her might. Her dazzled foes take heavy damage. Doppelgangers, lasers, & traps are elements of her stagecraft.


There is a reaper whose name is Nekros. He provides deathly crowd control. Erstwhile enemies become allies when Nekros calls up recruits from the dead.

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The mercurial firemonger protects the innocent. Nezha’s multifaceted tactics give him high survivability as he inflicts damage and provides crowd control. His fire is the clarion of hope.


Nidus draws strength from the Infestation. It bolsters him with survivability as he giao dịch high damage & provides crowd control. Plague your enemies.


Harness antimatter. Nova uses antiparticles to provide crowd control và amplify damage output. She obliterates enemies by destabilizing matter itself.


Psychic attacks make Nyx a dangerous foe. She reaches into enemy consciousness to provide crowd control and turn their attacks back on them. Such manipulation can turn the tide of battle.


Healing & suffering vị Oberon’s bidding. His command of the natural world supports allies. Boon lớn his friends, bane of his foes.


Octavia turns bass, beat, and melody into a symphony of devastation. The music of her Mandachord gives her high survivability and supports allies. Her composition means the enemy’s destruction.


Protea knows all about protection. Her vast arsenal inflicts damage và provides ally support. She can even manipulate time itself.


Macabre spectral nguồn has risen. Infused with the essence of the Eidolon, Revenant has strong survivability and deals high damage. Enemies become his thralls.


Rhino packs a punch. He boasts high survivability & crowd control. The wise would bởi vì well to lớn stand clear when he charges.


Toxicity is Saryn’s strength. Her serpentine powers deal heavy damage. For Saryn, venom is a virtue.


No longer adrift in the Void, Sevagoth has returned. He & his Shadow giảm giá heavy damage and have high survivability. They are sustained by the reaping of wayward souls.


Styanax never wonders how many enemies he will face, only where he can find them. The hoplite đơn hàng high damage. Enemies tremble before his spear và shield.


Titania’s fairy-like appearance belies her formidable regal power. The enchantress giao dịch high damage và provides crowd control. She forces opponents khổng lồ pay homage or perish.


Trinity embodies redemption & health. Her extraordinary healing powers tư vấn allies. Where others destroy, she restores.


Valkyr was modified into a highly motivated & fearsome killer. She is adept at dealing damage và surviving. Her battle cry strikes terror into all who hear it.


Vauban is the model of innovative technology. He deploys clever inventions to lớn provide crowd control. His tenacity và focus make him formidable.


Four beasts, one heart. Voruna's loyal wolf pack makes for a deadly combination of strength và stealth. Beware the monstrous howl that heralds fangs of vengeance.


Wisp floats between the material & the ethereal. She accesses multiple dimensions to support her allies. Her countenance is mysterious và enigmatic.


The simian warrior is a mountain of strength. Wukong đơn hàng heavy damage & has high survivability. His quick trickster tactics are unforgettable.


Broken Warframes adrift in the Void converged khổng lồ create Xaku. Together, they giảm giá khuyến mãi high damage. Xaku proves that the sum of the whole is greater than its parts.


The waverider can unleash a flood of destruction on the battlefield. Yareli’s aqueous attacks deal high damage. Surf’s up. Enemies down.


Command the nguồn of the wind. Zephyr’s cyclonic abilities protect her, deal high damage, và provide crowd control. She swoops in from above và leaves a path of destruction.


Seamlessly leap, slide & glide over legions of grotesque clones & capitalist machines. Unsheathe your blade, stick khổng lồ the shadows or go in guns blazing — the choice is yours.


Grab a hoverboard và hit the slopes of the Vallis. Spearfish in the sunlit waters of the Plains. Explore hidden caves & mine for rare minerals. Experience all of this and more in Warframe’s mở cửa worlds.


Nikanas. Pulse rifles. Flamethrowers. Collect và upgrade hundreds of unique Weapons, then modify each one for maximum mayhem và limitless possibilities.


You don’t have khổng lồ work alone. Invite three friends và fight alongside 50 million Tenno in the Origin System.

Giới Thiệu

Bạn là fan của Ninja, nhân vật nhân vật nửa chánh nửa tà, hành tung bí hiểm nhưng lại có các kĩ năng phi thường.

Vâng! chúng ta đã quá quen thuộc với trái đất của Ninja, với các vũ khí độc nhưng lạ, với những thuật biến hóa thân, các kỹ năng thần túng bấn và với tinh thần bất khuất.

Xin ra mắt Thiếu Niên anh hùng – nin-ja School trò đùa nhập vai cổ trang để giúp bạn trải nghiệm quả đât Ninja một cách tấp nập nhất. Các bạn trong vai một cô / cậu bé, các bạn sẽ tự đưa ra quyết định con mặt đường Ninja của mình bằng phương pháp tham gia một trong những ba ngôi trường cổ điển để tu luyện.

Tại đây, các bạn sẽ được tham gia những khóa đào tạo và huấn luyện từ những thầy cô, những nhiệm vụ cá thể hay triển khai cùng chúng ta bè. Mỗi một nhân vật sẽ có một đậm chất ngầu riêng, cách luyện tập và hành động trong game của bạn sẽ khiến bạn trở buộc phải độc nhất.

Nào, hãy tham gia ngay và hóa thân thành ninja trên nhỏ đường tạo sự huyền thoại!


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